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Access Statement 2010


Access Statement for Bed & Breakfast room

Front door is level from car park then the B&B room is on the ground floor with en-suite facilities, the doorways are 90cms wide, the doorway into the en-suite is 70cms wide with a toilet 45cms high with hand rail, there is no room for a wheelchair beside the toilet. The shower cubicle has a door 55cms wide which opens outwards and has a step into the shower base (65cms Sq).
There is a King sized double bed (60cms high) with 60cms beside the bed on each side. There is also a single bed (60cms high). Two easy chairs (51cms high) with arms are provided.
The breakfast room is also on the ground floor but has 1 step 16cms high into it which has a hand rail.


Access Statement for Self-catering cottage

Please see plan of layout of the cottage below:

Layout Plan of Cottage

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There are shallow steps from car through paved garden to lobby and kitchen and 2x20cms steps into bedroom leading off kitchen. Bedroom has 3 single beds each 60cms high.
Doorways are various widths with the narrowest being 59cms wide.
The toilet (40cms high) is separated from the bathroom by a lobby and is 80cms wide. The bathroom (200cm x 137cms) has a shower over the bath (33cms high) with no level access but a handle to assist . The stairs leading from kitchen into lounge/dining room are 3x22cms with doorway 66cms wide with handrail.
There is a doorway 96cms wide from lounge onto platform and the second bedroom is 350 x 183cms with double bed (60cms high) accessed from one side only.